The year is 1877, the place is Salt Lake City. It’s a town unlike any other. The gentiles live underneath a steel sky while toiling away in factories which put out high tech ghost-rock powered gizmos. Rocket packs, flamethrowers, gatling pistols, they make it all. The Mormons sit in the town proper living in relative luxury with electricity, water, and gas running right into their very homes. It’s a city of the destitute and affluent where opportunities are frequent but infrequently great.

What I want from my players:

1. Read the beginning section of the player’s guide.
2. Play what you know, and if you don’t know it, look it up or make it up. If you can’t answer how many siblings you have, you’re not doing your character justice. If you are playing a mad scientist and you are building a steam engine, you had better prove you understand the basic principles of how a combustion chamber functions.
3. Post your character’s history on the portal. If you don’t want other people seeing bits, then make them secrets. What I care about is who your character is, where your character comes from, and their background details including information about their family and employment history. There is no need to publish your characters statistics unless you have a desire to do so. Make sure your character has a reason to head to Salt Lake City.
4. DON’T READ ANY OF THE SECRETS! If you read it, I have no material to work with. Plain and simple. Also, it’s a horror/adventure genre, and the unknown is scary. Well, I told Tim the statistics of one of the big bads, so maybe the known is scary too…

I am not an ascendent member, so we need to figure out an e-mail scheme. I’m thinking about starting the game on the 28th to take over Matt’s game for a while.

Salt Lake; The City o' Gloom

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